Professional Car Towing in Shelbyville, TN

Whether it’s due to a car accident or engine trouble, there’s not much worse than standing on the side of the road with a car that’s out of commission. Well... paying an arm and a leg for a tow truck might be worse. At Green's Towing and Recovery we make sure you don’t have to worry about that. More drivers trust our Shelbyville, TN towing company because we’re committed to fair pricing, fast service, and an experienced team.


Heavy-Duty Towing You Can Rely On

Garbage trucks, trailers, and semi-trucks can all be handled by our capable team. If you need a heavy cargo load transported, you can count on Green’s Towing & Recovery to do the job for you!

Trustworthy Roadside Assistance

Your roadside assistance matters. If your car has broken down, then you can give us a call at (931) 703-4588 and we’ll put you on the schedule immediately.

Learn About Green's Towing & Recovery

Green's Towing and Recovery has been serving the Shelbyville community for years. Our professional team has experience with all types of towing – from motorcycles and cars to semi-trucks and construction equipment. We know your time matters, so we’re committed to fast service that gets you back on the road. Green’s Towing and Recovery has been serving Shelbyville and the surrounding communities since 2008. We’ve built a strong reputation for accident recovery and roadside assistance. Additionally, our qualified team of drivers provides construction towing, multi-car towing, and mini-barn towing.

Car Towing & Heavy Duty Towing in Shelbyville, TN

Whether you need a city-driving sedan towed or a semi-truck, we’ve got you covered. Read over our list of services to discover how we can help you when you are on the roadways.


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